Friday, November 28, 2008

Reasons to Love Her . . .

My youngest sister turned 15 earlier this week. It killed me to not have the cash to get her something. I'm hoping I can make that up to her. Eventually.

I wrote her a small note telling her I loved her madly and hoped that she would forgive me for being such a consummate loser. Well, it wasn't really phrased so depressingly, but I did plead for understanding.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to my baby! Fifteen! Damn.

Also, this was funny:

Nancy (my baby sister): "Are you okay sister?"
Me (struggling with Aunt Flow): "Ugh. Not really. I'm having horrible cramps."
Nancy: "Ooooh, do you need some medicine?"
Me: "I already took some medicine. I think I just need to have my uterus removed."
Nancy, with puzzled expression: "If you have your uterus removed does that mean you won't be able to pee any more?"
Me, suppressing wild laughter: "No, not quite."

Ah, it's great having siblings.


AK said...

Hehe... uteruses, who needs 'em anyway?

BonBon! said...

I'd be willing to put my uterus up for sale on eBay if I thought I could get some dough for it.

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