Friday, November 28, 2008


If I hear one more damn news story about freaks out in droves to shop for "deals" I'm going to pull all of my nappy hair out.

If there's one thing that being broke and unemployed has taught me it's that I really have no need for half of the things I claim to need. Of course, I am speaking with reference to my own consumerist inclinations. I like to buy shit, oh yes I do! I miss my iPod (lost it in California last month!), slobber over MacBooks (I will never have the cash for one), and have fantasies about winning the lotto and going on a book shopping spree! People have been waiting outside of stores since 10 pm Thursday night. Are you mad? Watching all of these news clips of people crowding into Wal-Marts and outlet malls like cattle is enough to make me want to lock myself into a personal commitment to slice my purchasing power in the event that I am ever fortunate enough to become gainfully employed again. It's a bit disturbing to think that the country's economic straits are so dependent upon our eagerness to shell out money for things we probably don't need. But such is the nature of the beast. We have long since succumbed to the logic that as markets shrink, industry must create the illusion of demand. The economy thrives if we buy.
I find that we U.S. citizens are such an economically perplexing bunch.

Anyway, even if I did have money (or a job) you would not find my ass out at any stores at 5 in the morning looking for a deal on the newest Butt-finger Me Elmo.


AK said...

It's fucking disgusting. Did you see that thing about the Wal-mart employee getting trampled to death? I pray for the plague.

BonBon! said...

Unfortunately I did see that. I read about it on the NYT web site. There were comments from people all over the world who were mortified at such behavior.

Can you create a virus in lieu of the plague? Like in a lab and stuff?

AK said...

Well, that's what I'm hoping someone else will do. I'm not scientifically clever enough to do it myself.

BonBon! said...

Let's go halves on someone. After I get a job, of course.