Friday, November 28, 2008

Food Comas

My holiday? My mother made a shitload of good food. I ate and then I slept. I slept a lot. I am still unemployed! (Booo!) However, I have inquired into volunteer opportunities with two local museums (The Harry Ransom Humanities Center & The LBJ Presidential Library), two state representatives, and the local food bank. All of them responded that they would love to talk to me about making free use of my talents. Yes, it's not a paying gig, but I'm almost (almost!) past caring. I just need something to do. I need to feel a tiny bit useful again. Oh, I did also get a call about a job interview. But I'm very doubtful as to my chances. It's an Executive Assistant position for a local non-profit. In other words, it's the kind of job I would cut off my left titty to get. That means that more than likely it will go to someone else. *sigh* I'll probably attend the interview anyway. Again, it will be something to do.

I know this is late, but as they say, better late than never, right?

I have had a shitty time with life of late. Of late being the last three years. Even so, whether I can ever really believe it or not, I am thankful for some things. I really am. Such as? Well, I shall tell you.

In no particular order, I am thankful for:

*My beautiful, thoughtful, accepting mother.
*My beautiful, thoughtful, accepting sisters.
*My little red-headed buddy.
*My favorite California girl and ballerina.
*Electronic friendships.
*Having had a father who gave me a love for good soul music, a decent singing voice, and rhythm.
*My books.
*The Netflix watch instantly option. It's like my boyfriend or something.
*The Public Library
*Having lived to see the election of my country's first black president.
*Once having known (I'm not typing out their names, just their initials) SEMH, TPO, AAG, and MRT. Sometimes I miss them, whether I want to or not, I'll always care about them, but mostly I'm just thankful they are happy in their lives and selves.
*A fine IPA.
*The View from Dolores Park
*A robust California Cab
*My sexy brain. (Sometimes I'd trade it in an instant for a sexy ass or a great set of tits.)
*Hugs from my mother, sisters, and the redhead.
*Kisses from the mom, sisters, and the redhead.
*Marathon viewings of The Godfather movies (With regard to my movie tastes and sports proclivities, I'm almost a dude. It's weird.)
*Cute cats.
*Cute dogs.
*Cute guys.
*Cute kids.
*And I know I already mentioned them, but they deserve to be mentioned twice . . . my Mamita y mis hermanitas. I'm nothing without my ladies.

I hope you are all having a hella bomb ass holiday!



leyla said...

happy post-thanksgiving!

as for myself, i've over-indulged in twice-baked potatoes. ah, more than twice..

BonBon! said...

Thank you! Same to you, lady!

And twice-baked potatoes more than twice should be a new recipe.

Hooray! No more turkey. I can't deal with any more turkey.

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