Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Little Things . . .

Sometimes I go to strange web sites. I can't explain why. I just do. I have a habit of going to University web sites, searching the department sites, and looking for interesting books or articles on the syllabi. I've found many interesting books this way. I ended up on Baylor University's site. Not because I think Baylor is a place one should seek useful education, but because I was high and curious. I visited their University Honors web site and found the following:

Independeing Reading List Selections

This was the link for their "Honors" College. Independent Reading List Selections . . . perhaps? It matters but little! I know, I know! But propelled by the power of Mary Jane and IPA thought it my duty to inform them of their misstep. So I sent the following:

"To Whom It May Concern:

For reasons unbeknown to myself I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with University web sites, department pages, and faculty profiles. I enjoy reading the course syllabi of Universities in search of what I hope will be intellectually taxing reading material or ideas. I gave your site a go, but must say I was more disappointed than I wished to be and found the following link on your "University Scholars" site.

Independeing Reading List Selections

Independeing? Have I missed something?

Undoubtedly a clerical misstep. Nevertheless, the importance of thorough editing can never be underestimated; especially when it comes to recruiting an exceptional student population. Presentation, presentation, presentation.



Why did I send it? BECAUSE I WAS STONED AND NEEDED SOMETHING TO DO! Otherwise, I don't give a shit.

So guess what I received from the Associate Dean of the Honors College?

"Dear Ms. Conner,

Thank you for your kind note informing me of the typographical error. We shall be swift about updating that page. Please do let me know if you find any other errors. It's nice to know that there's another set of eyes out there reading over our material and finding typos, which are sometime hard to catch on the computer screen. Feel free to check out the Classics page ( as well; should you find any typos there, please contact


Alden Smith"

And guess WHAT ELSE I received from the Associate Dean of the Honors College? A copy of an e-mail he sent to someone else in the department. Read. Enjoy.

Someone snotty found a typo on our website. Could you please fix it when you have have a chance?

Alden Smith
Associate Dean, Honors College
254 710 3744"

Aaaaaaah Alden! Me? I'm someone "snotty?" Snooty, perhaps? You're the fucking Dean of an Honors College! If a high, underemployed, Blaxicana girl can come across as "snotty" to you because you don't hire people who know how to type or spell . . . you have bigger problems. Much, much bigger problems.

Note to parents: DON'T SEND YOUR CHILDREN TO BAYLOR UNIVERSITY!!!!! Or to Alden Smith's "Honors College." I've out-snottied them.


AK said...


Ah... the fact that I can find anything so amusing at 3:30 am while waiting for a taxi to take me to the airport is... heartening.

Perhaps you should send him another email on the importance of not copying the wrong people on emails? Dumbass.

leyla said...

hilarious..his email to his co-worker... i didn't know people actually wrote emails like that.

AK said...

My father is a retired English teacher, and I knew he'd enjoy this, so I copied and pasted it into an email for him. He wrote back "Awesome! I'd like to buy that babe a drink or a j."

Hehehe... now you must smoke joints with multiple members of my family!

BonBon! said...

I am so there!!!

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