Monday, September 15, 2008

If it were like this all of the time . . .

I might be able to tolerate this place. But it's not. Usually it's hotter than a witch's tit, you sweat your balls off, and my hair (which is already pretty damn big) becomes something to rival Chaka Khan and Diana Ross. It's not cool.

Today's temperatures have been divine. The lows were in the mid to upper 50s and we won't be breaking into the dreaded 90s. If I close my eyes really, really, really tight I can imagine myself back in Oakland. The only thing missing is the Bay Bridge, Canadian Geese that poop all around Lake Merritt, and BART roaring its way into The City. Well, I'd need a lot more than that, but you get the point.

I am still home sick for the Bay Area. One of my three homes. I have Oaxaca, Oakland, and unfortunately, Austin.

The work day is flying by. It's great! I am counting the days until my trip back to California to see Jenna in all of her glory, and to see where my heart stands in terms of staying in this sh*thole, traveling, or giving California another go.

It really is all up in the air.

I can't make up my mind about shit.

I am still enjoying my reclusive spell. I continue to have no desire to see any of my old friends. Go figure.

I hope that Alyssa made it to Pittsburgh safe and sound.

I am going to walk around the corner to the park during my lunch hour and read outside. It's going to be highlight of my day! Pathetic, aren't I?


AK said...

Why thank you. I did make it to Pittsburgh and then to Canada and then back to Ohio, where I am currently. I've missed our internet rendezvouses (can you make that plural?)

AK said...

Also, I have really big hair too. I had most of it cut off though, and then they put about 800 layers in it so I wouldn't look like a pyramid-head. Yep, this comment is pointless.

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