Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I watched tiny bits of Soon to be Bye Bye President Bush's interview with Charles Gibson. I have never been able to listen to Bush in large doses. It's just too painful. The reason I tuned in? Gibson asked Bush if he had any regrets. Bush responded that he regretted that the intelligence he used to take our country to war had not been "good intelligence." And that lot of people had staked their intelligence on this intelligence. Anyone who knows anything about the run-up to the Iraq war knows that this administration knew damn well that the intelligence it had was fabricated, or not fabricated, not investigated and tested to the extent that would justify its being used as the foundation for an invasion and occupation. This administration willfully and purposefully waved that fabricated evidence under a banner of legitimacy which government proclamations are often given.

Right before this statement about the intelligence leading to the Iraq war, Bush insisted to Mr. Gibson that he has always been correct in resisting any effort to withdraw our troops from Iraq. I almost choked on my tea after hearing this. Even now, this man can look us in the eye and insist that he has been correct to send people off to die, kill innocent civilians, and suppress fundamental liberties in the name of "security and safety." And even though he knew there were no WMD, there was no imminent threat, and there was no connection between Iraq and the 9/11 attacks, he insists that it's always been correct to fight this war when it should never have been started to begin with.


There was also a priceless moment when he was asked how he thought the American people would remember him. His answer: "I don't know." Gibson then posed the question to Laura Bush. Her answer: "I think they'll remember him because he kept them safe."

What, exactly, was he keeping us safe from? Oh right! We're safe from threatening, deadly weapons which never existed! But we're not safe from the peering eye of our government, nor are we exactly afforded our rights of due process if for some reason we should end up on a government watch list of some sort. Safe? My ass!

This president often likes to say that "history will judge." You're right, it will. And I don't think you're going to like what it has to say about you.


AK said...

I like to pretend that he's already been flushed. I'm going to try *thishard* to forget that the last 8 years actually happened. For more reasons than one, really.

BonBon! said...

I have told so many people that they have no idea how much these last eight years have done to my faith in the system. I used to have a very powerful faith in my government's ability to effect genuine change. I believed in public service. The Bush administration has done much to increase my bitterness. I am hoping to regain some of my faith.

I think I shall join you in the effort to mentally erase the last eight years. At last, our looooong national nightmare will soon be over.

AK said...

I saw some clips of that interview on The Daily Show the other night. My. God. The man is literally retarded. Praise be, it IS almost over.

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