Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I don't give a sh*t about the holidays.

I really don't.

I have been told that family and love keep one from being overly pessimistic about such things. Family would have to mean having my own kids and love would mean the romantic variety. Neither one is on my radar. *shrug*

Even so, I want everyone (anyone?) who reads this to have a fantastic time with family, friends, booze, or whatever else it is that rocks your world. Don't go it alone. It's no good alone.

I shall leave you with this wisdom from the mouth of my favorite babe:

"I wish I was a talking animal that drank yucky water, lived in a forest, and ate frogs."

I could go with that.

Also . . .

"Tiffany, you don't wear makeup? If you don't wear makeup you can't be pretty."

I always knew there was something I was doing wrong. Well, there are many things I have been doing wrong. This is just one of many.

Holidays. Who needs them? Happiness? I wish it for all of you.

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