Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's not TV, it's YOUR F*CKING FUTURE!!!!

Lest I forget to address the issue, I hope many (or any?) of you reading this blog will watch the debate tonight. I sat for a brief moment and realized just how damn close the election is, and was a little frightened. By close I mean close in terms of the proximity of Election Day and the razor thin margin which separates the winner from the loser.

If you watch the news or read a decent newspaper you don’t need to do too much reading or watching to see that the candidates are pulling back no punches and have decided to not just hit below the belt, but essentially kick one another in the balls. I can’t stand to hear so many distortions, half-truths, and outright irrelevant comments, especially when so many of them will actually find a willing audience which in turn will exercise its right to vote having been filled to the brim with crap-knowledge. What is even more infuriating to me are the people who will watch the debate and use random measures to declare a victor. Obama must be articulate, but not too articulate. McCain can be angry, but not too angry. Don’t use big words or you’ll be labeled an elitist! This one is my favorite. I can’t get enough of how voters are supposedly now ardently anti-intellectual and willing to embrace ignorance. Well, don’t be one of those people. Snobs, unite!

Watch. Listen. Learn. And when the time comes, vote.


AK said...

You're right; it's fucking ridiculous. However, I'm glad Obama isn't above throwing out ridiculous insults, because that has been a serious problem for Democrats in the past (*cough* Kerry). It's sad, pathetic, and makes me want to stab myself in the eye, but if it gets Obama in the White House -- he can deride McCain's balls for being too shriveled, for all I care! (yes, that was semi-gibberish).

BonBon! said...

I just had to hold in my meals after reading about McCain's shriveled . . . balls. *shiver*