Thursday, January 3, 2008

Screw MySpace . . .

While I'm happy to be rid of my MySpace profile I don't hasten to admit my addiction for the narcissistic glee which comes with posting one's woes on a daily basis. But here I know I have the luxury of anonymity. No one will find me. Mostly because no one is looking for me.

I am at my most despondent. I feel worse now than I have in a long time. I feel used, lied to, and as always, inadequate. Not good enough for much of anything.

I forewarn any who stumble upon this blog. For as long as I am around, it will be used for lamentations and at other times it will burst with brilliance. Or so I will tell myself. I like to share insights on political happenings, my readings, and my generally diminishing opinion of the human animal. And I also just like to rant. So don't expect too much. It is, after all, a blog.


AK said...

It's all about Facebook anyway. :)

BonBon! said...

ah man! that video had me in stitches bitches!

and *cough* i'm on facebook.