Saturday, February 14, 2009

To all the folks I've loved before . . .

F*ck you! You missed out. I give great head and love to cuddle.

To everyone else, I hope you have a fine V-day and do something with someone you love, even if that someone is only yourself. I spent a fine wasted evening with my baby sister last night. I realized that it doesn't matter if she and I have nothing in common. The truth is I have nothing in common with any of my family (my mother and sisters, not the least to the say the extended clan). I am the oddball. Bookish, bizarre, strange to the rest of them because I have no desire to get married, expel children, and be "normal"--that's me and it will always be me. Even so, that's no reason to deny myself an opportunity to try and share quality time with the women I love. Granted, I had to have a bottle of wine and a couple of beers to endure some of my sister's television choices (horrid VH1 reality shows and teen angst programming). But you know what? If I get to hear that signature laugh of hers and see that toothy grin, it's always going to be worth it.

Tomorrow I get face time with the only real "boy" friend I've head. That would be Eliot, my fabulously cool 5 year old buddy boy. I can hardly wait. Dinosaurs, Darth Vader, and dirt. It fails to get much better, even when things are not as bad as they are now.

Otherwise, life is bland, boring, and as disappointing as always. I left the house to buy a new toothbrush. They didn't have any yellow toothbrushes, which, if you care to know, is my favorite color. Not any cheap ones anyway. I refuse to pay more than a $1.50 for a fucking toothbrush. The walk sucked. It was nearly 80 degrees and humid as hell yesterday. A "cold" front has come in today and it is a nice crisp 50 degrees, but it's still not cold enough for me. I want to freeze my balls off. I want a real winter. The trip to WalGreens was completely uneventful and as banal as could be expected. I don't enjoy making trips to the store. I only mention the trip because I had a mini-mental flight of fancy during which I hoped that the obviously bored clerk would attempt to spark up phony conversation with me in the same manner he did with the woman who checked out right in front of me. He made the mistake of asking her how her day was and she proceeded to tell him EVERYTHING about it. I mean everything. What she ate for lunch, where she was going for a party, why she bought what she bought, etc, etc, so on and so forth. It was mind-boggling. Had the clerk asked me how my day was I was so ready to say, "Well, let's see it was a struggle of ridiculous proportions to convince myself to get out of bed to walk to this store and buy a toothbrush. But now I have my toothbrush, two new pens, and a bottle of lubricant to use with my sex toy, my Valentine's Day date. And you?" Unfortunately, he merely said, "Will this be all for you." Talk about a letdown. Par for the course really.

I have a lot of things on my mind, but don't really have the energy to write about serious subjects. Perhaps later. Would you like to see my new pens? I'm excited about them. Sadly. Although, I must say that I am somewhat disappointed to learn that David Beckham is the spokesperson for them. W.T.F? There are much better looking and more talented footballers in this world.

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