Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tock. Tick.

It would be an immense understatement for me to say that I cannot wait for this year to be over with. But I have no hopes for 2009. Are you surprised? No, not really. At least, I'm sure you are not if you are in any way a follower of these blogs.

The good news? I am at work again. The bad news? I don't make shit. But, it's work. I am the office manager for a non-profit which coordinates with the local higher education board. It sounds as though it could be an exciting opportunity, but it's really just me filing, ordering office supplies, and helping the Executive Director keep her busy calendar. And she is very busy. That's fine. There are interesting things to read. Things I consider interesting. Board reports, student assessments, things of that variety. I am hoping to at least learn a few things. The director is a very nice woman. She's successful, motivated, and well-respected. Most importantly, she's flexible. She's giving me the opportunity to keep a short schedule so that I may look for something part-time in the evenings. And I may already have a lead. I have an interview tomorrow for a part-time shelving position with the public library. I would love this. Especially because it would allow me to be around books, but more importantly because it would permit me to make that much more money to save for my eventual Texas exit. (I am ignoring the fact that landing the job would require that I come into contact with some people I'd rather not see. People who bring up the worst kinds of memories, but money is money.) The long-term prize? Get the hell out of here for good! I'd like to offer my mother a little help with rent payments and money for groceries, but otherwise I intend to save, save, save and then make sure the rest of the world sees my red tail lights headin' for . . . somewhere. Anywhere. Not here.

I'd like to wish you all the very best and safest of New Year's celebrations.


AK said...

Hey, that's great! Is that the job you were really sure you didn't get? :) My smoothie job is pretty lame these days, and now that I'm starting my bar study class on Monday, I don't really have time to work (the only shifts they have are closing ones, and they interfere with my new schedule). So... whatever! Hooray for leaving Texas.

BonBon! said...

*sigh* No, it's not the job I wanted. That job at least paid a decent salary. Decent for shitty Texas wages. But the second interview, with the library, it went well. I think.

You don't need to be at any damn smoothie shop for too long, woman! Just do it for the drinkin' change. Priorities, you know.

And thank you.