Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bizarro World.

So, I have no idea how the interview went. They asked me questions, I answered them. There were moments when we were confined to pointless banter, I went along. I had to submit a writing sample (a faux business letter), not a big deal. But ultimately, I don't think my chances are that great. Again, I know I could do the work, and I wouldn't have a problem working for a non-profit which is actually doing good things for people, but I just didn't really get a vibe from either of the directors which said, "Yessss! This chick needs to work here!" And there are other considerations. One, they appear to think I have a car. You are all more than acquainted with my beefs about the shitty public transportation in Austin; I have even more problems with the fact that people just assume you own a car. Well, I don't own a car. I don't want a car. I am licensed to drive, but I like my life without a car. I enjoy not having a car because it usually saves me money (when I am employed), I feel a lowered level of stress, and well, I just don't really care about cars all that much. So there's the fact that I don't have a car, and there's the fact that they administer drug screens. Yes, well, you all know that I would not pass a drug screen. But here's the thing, I am of the mind that it's no one's damn business what I piss. So, as a general rule I don't usually apply for jobs that require drug tests. The job I interviewed for didn't say anything about a screen, but the paperwork I signed at my second interview for the background check listed the requirement. Oh well. I understand why. You don't want kids running around with Tyrone Biggums. For the record, I would never, ever tell kids where I get my drugs. Ever! And well, I don't do crack.

So much for that job.

I spent Friday night visiting my friend J. J. is the bisexual (homosexual?) man I slept with. You remember that story, don't you kids? Anyway, he invited me over to see his new place and then walk down the street to have a beer with his ex-girlfriend. All of this was fine. We had a couple of beers at his house before meeting his ex. (He constantly referred to her as My Ex and was sure to point out that they always ended up in bed with one another after drinks and stuff. Her name was more of an afterthought. Their residual attraction to one another was not well disguised.) I was told later that His Ex "approved of me." What? And that she told him, "If she's not interested in you, give me her number, I'll go out with her." Um, the thing is I'm not really interested in anyone. J. is a nice gentleman. But I had to put him down easy when later that night he proceeded to awkwardly pet my head and ask me, "Do you think I could get a little kiss?" I was considerably altered by this point, but was glad that I was able to keep my wits about me. "No kissing," was my response. From that point on J. was less likely to engage me in chat. Later that night I sent him a text telling him that while I enjoy his company and don't regret having slept with him, sex and friends are not a good idea as far as I am concerned. And it's true! I have no desire to do my buddies. If it happens once (eh, shit happens), but if the shit keeps happening, well, opting for masturbation may be the better bet. That's right. I admit it, I am committed to sex with myself before I am to not-so casual sex with a friend, straight or otherwise. J. responded well to the text. He thanked me for being honest and straightforward, but indicated that we could still remain friends. Considering how easily I have been losing friends of late, I'll take that.

After this blog I have to finish helping my youngest sister with a homework assignment. Nancy has asked me to help her with an assignment in her Teen Leadership class. The assignment? I am supposed to write a eulogy for her. In other words, I am supposed to pretend that my sister has passed away and that I am being called upon to eulogize her. What.The.Fuck?????? Needless to say, I am having a little trouble with the task. You know, on the whole I am extremely supportive of educators this day and age, but have to wonder what this kind of assignment has to do with instilling my sister with leadership qualities.

If I don't get the non-profit job (which may be for the best), I do have an appointment for some temporary work as a typist. That might be a better bet. Six months worth of typing would mean I could save all of my money and then at the end of the gig, get back on that plane to Anywhere But Here!

Stay tuned.

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