Wednesday, October 8, 2008


For reasons I am unable to provide, I decided to meet the last person I had sex with tonight. That would be the homosexual gentleman I mentioned in a previous post. This is a feat in and of itself in that most people, after having sexual intercourse with me, tend to avoid all contact with me. Tis true! Yet, this person asked to meet me. He even invited me to a party at his soon-to-be new home! I really do like his dog. I may go.

In a bizarre, awkward, forgettable way . . . I believe I have made a new friend. Kids, the best way to make new friends is not necessarily to get naked with them. Especially not when you are not over someone who resides as a phantom in your head and heart. TO1 . . . what am I going to do about you?

Not necessarily.

I am tired.

Sleep sounds divine.


AK said...

See? You're so awesomely hot and cool, you TURNED A GAY MAN STRAIGHT. ;)

BonBon! said...

Um, no. It's more like I got awesomely drunk and horny and went to bed with a gay man who thinks he wants to be straight and thought I might get drunk enough to fuck him again.

If I were going to have kids it would have made for a great drunken story to tell the grandchildren.

Good old senile Grandma Tiffany.

AK said...

In the meantime, you can tell me these stories. I'll even call you "Grandma Tiffany" if you want! Har, har. :)

I use far too many emoticons...